LED Grow Light Vertical Farming

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Hey everyone,

After many months of hard-work, I would like to welcome you to LED Grow Lights Depot! I am very excited to open this online LED grow light superstore. Here, you will find the largest selection of LED Grow Lights, anywhere!

It can be difficult choosing an LED light, especially with so many of them flooding the market. My goal is to consolidate all of the best LED grow lights into one place for easy browsing and sorting. It will save you a lot of time --- I promise! Another aim of mine is to provide good, honest information on LED grow lights to cut through the marketing hype that some companies throw at their audience. Over time, I, and the online community (you), will mold this site into an information hub on LED lights through guides, blog posts, pictures, videos, and testimonials. At LED Grow Lights Depot you will be able to learn about LED grow lighting in one place!

Why am I selling LED grow lights? I believe that LEDs are the future of lighting. Many of us will start to convert to LEDs to light our homes, businesses, and electronics. Just as importantly, more growers will switch to LED lighting when they realize the spectral control and energy efficiency that they can achieve. LEDs will play a huge role in saving money for growers, because the diodes last longer than HID lighting, less equipment is needed for setup, and LEDs can produce healthier, more nutritious plants!

I short blurb about me: I studied Biology at Portland State University, with a focus in plant ecology. I graduated with Honors in Biology after completing my Senior Honors Thesis on the early growth of the invasive grass, False Brome, under various forest litter types and depths. And I am fortunate to announce that my research will be published in a prestigious scientific journal come Fall 2014!

Why am I telling you this? My educational studies have ignited a passion for plants. I understand how plants work, how light affects their growth, and am expanding my knowledge every day. I will offer my knowledge through this website by creating quality, science-based content that growers can use to find the right light for their needs. I also encourage you to add your knowledge into making this site the ultimate LED grow light resource!

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Cheers and remember to ‘Illuminate Your Grow. Efficiently.’