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GE Lighting is entering the indoor vertical gardening market to compete with other players such as Philips, who already own a large share of the indoor garden and greenhouse market.

Vertical gardens are expected to rise (pun-intended) in popularity as farmers look for sustainable and cost-efficient solutions for growing crops. Vertical gardens allow indoor farmers to grow significantly more produce in less space using organic farming methods. In addition, these farms can be utilized throughout the entire year while keeping delivery costs to a minimum when locally-based. 

Horticultural LED Batten

GE Lighting is releasing a Horticultural LED Batten that will be available in medium output (MO) or high output (HO) and in 4ft and 8ft lengths. In addition, the following spectrum and color options will be available:

Spectrum options

  • Balanced (3 red : 1 blue): Balanced red-to-blue ratio for overall growth.
  • Vegetative (1 red : 1 blue): Higher blue content to promote healthy and thick leafy plants.
  • Reproductive (6 red : 1 blue): Higher red content to promote flowering and fruit generation.

      Color Options

      • Purple (for Plants): Mix of red & blue to allow for photosynthesis and maximum light absorption.
      • Pink (for Harvesting): Broad spectrum allows workers to monitor growth. 
      • White (for Architecture): Mixed colored light to allow for ideal growth conditions while highlighting the plant’s beauty.

      Some of these options will be available via special order only. 

      Furthermore, the LED Batten features the following:


      • 30,000 hour rated life
      • Daisy-chainable for end-to-end installation
      • Cord with plug or without plug
      • IP66 rated and UL wet rated for easy watering and cleaning
      • 5 year limited warranty



        The GE Lighting Horticultural LED Batten will be available July 1, 2016 at this link.

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        by abdulkarim

        I am in business of greenhouses & hydroponics and now planing to make small vertical farm module for growing strawberries,
        I have 3 shelf’s each 6 racks length 10 m with 1m
        can you please advice me regarding to:
        1. number & type of growing LED light ( Philips)
        2. racks high
        I am waiting for your reply
        best regards