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Introducing the Kind LED Bar Light! For sale now...

on April 01, 2016

After months of waiting, the Kind LED Bar Light is finally here! The bars are perfect for commercial vertical grow applications or primary/supplementary light for home grows. The applications are endless:

  • All indoor and greenhouse supplemental lighting situations
  • All primary lighting situations for average light use plants such as microgreens, lettuce, or basil
  • All primary lighting situations for all types of seedlings or clones
  • Vertical wall setups
  • Stacked or racked multi-layer systems such as fodder systems
  • Free hanging lighting between plant rows
  • Outside/inside edge lighting in grow tents
  • Vertical plant lighting in trellised greenhouses for climbing plants such as cucumbers
  • Replacement fixtures for any T-5 fluorescent setup

The modules are available in 2 foot, 3 foot, and 4 foot lengths and Vegetative or Flower spectrums. Within the Veg and Flower spectrums, are 'A' (Macro) and 'B' (Micro) versions. In sum, there are 12 different light combinations. The Kind LED Bar Lights are rated IP65 (dustproof and waterproof).

Do you want to learn more?

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Image: 4' Veg B and Flower B